An ornate shortspear

weapon (melee)
  • Effectively it is a short-spear +1, but when empowered by a power point, it can be changed into any simple melee weapon and retains that shape until reformed.
  • Additionally when a critical hit is dealt to a foe, Mindfeeder infuses the welder with 5 temporary power points.
  • Yeralti Augmentation (base damage raised from d6 to d8 & now crits on 19-20).

Mindfeeder is a mutagenic psionically activated short-spear.

It was lost for many years but was recently discovered inside the Tomb of Ariker in the hands of the foul lizard-folk sorcerer, Draxis Illathix, who was welding it as a morning-star. Following a brief but brutal melee it was liberated by the synad erudite, Roux.


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